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You Qualify For Bulk Pashminas Costs With Purchase Quantities From x10
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Are you eyeing a wholesale order of silk mufflers at an fantastic wholesale value?

silk scarves

Thai Silk & Scarf have been supplying silk mufflers bulk to retailers around the world for over fifteen years.

The team at Thai Silk & Scarf are there to offer you the ultimate in packages as well as the leading wholesale silk scarves directly from Thailand and South East Asia.

You Qualify For Bulk Pashminas Costs With Purchase Quantities As Little As x10

From ten scarves to 000’s – let us know what, when and where you need your shawls and we will offer you with the most economical wholesale cost.

Acquire your wholesale silk pashmina cost quote now….

Thaisilkandscarf.com has been trading Thai silk pashminas wholesale to commercial & trade shops for more than 15 years.

There is no better accessory to bring into your stock. Thaisilkandscarf.com provides a variety of styles: traditional silk, open stitch silk and pashmina scarfs.

All of these can be brought to your store in within 14 – twenty-one days.

silk shawls

While silk is famous for its lissomness, it is a relatively strong fabric that can resist stains and smells making it practical for all kinds of consumers from CEOs to soccer moms. Silk is very absorbent and dries quickly.

It can soak up to thirty% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet freely absorbing perspiration while letting a lady’s skin breathe simply.

They can also protect a woman against the cold making Thai silk mufflers a chic and functional addition to clothes in any time of the year. And thaisilkandscarf.com sells headscarves bulk in a comprehensive array of shades from a sheen opulent gold or silver, to a soft pellucid purple.

The final selling point of Thai silks pashminas though is that they are able to highlight so various different features of a customer’s body and personality.

They can add a perfectly personal touch to a mannequin helping a likely consumer picture herself sporting a little from your business’ product line while adding a vibrant spark to your store that is sure entice extra walk-in consumers.

For any bulk scarf needs, please call Renoo Caruso directly or email renoo@thaisilkandscarf.com.

She is competent in English and Thai making communication easy and the quality of the bulk scarves that this reliable family company provides is unequaled.

So, grab this precious chance to work with a wholesaler of silk scarves with more than twelve years of knowhow and bring a little portion of the magical world of Thailand into your stores, it is certain to be an attention grabber.

silk shawls



Contact: Renoo Caruso
Email: renoo@thaisilkandscarf.com

AUSTRALIA Phone: 1800 732 612

USA Phone: (888) 595 4526

THAILAND Phone: +66 (0) 92 713 8443