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Pavilion Section General Regulations & Guidelines


These guidelines apply to the Sections you are entering so please read the following carefully prior to lodgement
*School Exhibits in art & handcrafts can be left at the Pavilion from Thursday 25th February. All school art exhibits must be clearly labelled with the student’s name age and school on the back left hand corner. Would schools arrange for someone to collect their exhibits.

  1. The Pavilion is not open to the public during judging and no persons will be permitted after the staging times. We would much appreciate that this condition being adhered to.
  2. The Society will not under any circumstances hold itself responsible for any loss or misdelivery of exhibits at the show or for any damage thereto although every care will be taken.
  3. The Society shall not be responsible for any accident that may be caused through or by accident to any exhibit and it shall be a condition of each entry that each exhibitor shall hold the society blameless and indemnity against any legal proceedings arising from such accidents
  4. Judging- exhibitors shall accept the decision of the judge or judges appointed by the committee. The judge will not award prizes to exhibits that are not considered to possess sufficient merit.
  5. Prizes – a prize must be awarded, not necessarily 1st. The Most Outstanding Exhibit must be chosen from the 1st prize winners. Points to determine the most successful in each section are awarded as follows:
    3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd or Highly Commended. In the event of a tie the exhibitor with the most First’s (1st) is the winner
  6. Stewards reserve the right to reject any exhibit not up to show standard. Stewards may change exhibits between sections and classes, and may also make the decision whether exhibits are as per schedule.
  7. Pavilion hours during the Show Friday 10 am to 8pm Saturday 9am to 8pm Sunday 10 am to 2.30 pm

** All exhibits must be collected Sunday 6th March between 4.30pm – 6 pm**

(Unless other arrangements have been made with the Chief Steward)

Stewards please note –

  1. Whilst rendering all possible physical assistance to judges, stewards must be very careful to say nothing which may influence or be construed as influencing the Judges’ decision. Opinions must not be given by Stewards and they must NOT in any way be involved in the actual judging process
  2. It is the duty of Chief Pavilion Steward to ensure that all persons other than stewards and judges vacate the Pavilion prior to judging.
  3. Any exhibit which is in the opinion of the judge is entered in the wrong class may be removed and moved into the correct class.
  4. All sections MUST BE READY TO BE JUDGED AT 10.00 AM ON either TUESDAY 1st MARCH OR THURSDAY 3rd MARCH depending which day your section is being judged
  5. New classes may be created at the Chief Stewards discretion
  6. All disputes to be brought to the Chief Steward

N.B. 2016 has a Scarecrow Competition, Class 52 in the Vegetable Section, so get together with friends or make your own and bring him/her in. A Scarecrow is a figure which is used to frighten birds away in the wheat & corn fields

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