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Horse Events - Friday 4th & Saturday 5th March 2016

Entry Fee: $4.00 per (unless otherwise stated)

  • Parking as directed
  • Horse Office will be open from 7.30am Friday and 7.00am Saturday
  • A number will be allocated for each pony or horse which will be used for both days of competition when your waiver is completed)

Chief Horse Steward: Meredith Lawson
Phone: 4868 1869 (Showground)
Fax: 4869 1741 (Showground)
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 0427 539 943

Camping and Stabling

Moss Vale Showground is 5mins drive north of town centre. Turn at the roundabout onto Robertson Rd. Entry at second double gates. Stables and amenities block straight down the Showground Road.

15 fully enclosed stables plus 30 covered stalls with secure double chain closure. Enter off Robertson Road. The Showground offers good well grassed Camping Sites with access to power and water.

Private showers with ample hot water. Good exercise area and horse washing facility.


  • Indoor Stables $25
  • Covered Stalls $15
  • Bond of $30 payable per booked Stable or Stall (Refundable if left clean of manure & wet sawdust)
  • Camp Sites $22 per day

Email your detailed request to [email protected]

Clearly state:

  • Your full name
  • Thurs/Friday/Saturday
  • Stables or Covered Stalls
  • Camp Site if required
  • Mobile Phone Number essential

Include a postal address so bonds can be refunded by cheque
Moss Vale Show Society
P O Box 151
Direct Deposit: BSB: 802101 Account No: 103907
Account Name: Moss Vale Show Society Reference: STABLING/ YOUR SURNAME

HORSE SECTION – Regulations

  • All competition at this show is governed by these regulations and by the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW Rules for Discipline in Horse Sections at Shows which can be viewed at Should it become necessary for the ASC Disciplinary Committee to open an inquiry into any aspect of competition in this Horse Section, this Society will support any penalty imposed by that Committee as a result of the inquiry and will support penalties resulting from enquiries arising from Horse Sections at other NSW shows.
  • INDEMNITY AND WAIVER FORMS: The Horse Committee will take all care in managing the Section, but competitors taking part in this Horse Section do so at their own risk. Each adult competitor must, before competing, complete and sign a form indemnifying the Moss Vale & district A H & I Show Society Inc. and waiving any claims against the Society for any injury sustained in competition or for loss or damage to the competitor’s property or damage caused by the competitor or his/her animal(s) at the Show. A similar form must also be completed and signed by a parent or guardian for each competitor who is under 18 years of age. ALSO, on each Waiver (p19), each horse with which the competitor is involved in competition at the Show must be listed together with the Property Identification Code (PIC) of the property from which the horse came to the Show.
  • All competitors must wear the wristband issued when the waiver is signed. People not competing or people who have not signed the waiver and are not wearing a wristband are not permitted to be on the judging arena.
  • Refusal of Entry/Alteration of Schedule: The committee reserves the right to refuse an entry without assigning any reason for doing so and to alter the schedule to meet emerging circumstances.
  • Exercising: Horses may be exercised in the main arena between 7.00am and 8.30am.
  • Judge’s Decision/Discretion: The judge is empowered to withhold any or all prizes in any class where the exhibits are, in his/her opinion, unworthy of the prize, and at all times the judge’s decision will be final. A judge has the discretion to ask that a led or performance exhibit and handler / rider / driver be ordered to leave the ring if he/she considers the animal is unruly and/or likely to cause an accident. District/Local Classes: Horses and/or riders must have been resident for at least three months prior to the show within a 50 kilometre radius of the Showground.
  • Members Classes: For financial members of the Moss Vale & District A H & I Society Inc. Novice Hack, Galloway, Pony: A Novice has not won a First Place at any Show. Show Hunters: Horses in these classes may not also compete in Ridden Hack, Galloway or Pony classes. Ridden Hack, Galloway, Pony: Horses in these classes may not also compete in Show Hunter classes.
  • Stallions: Stallions must be wearing a bit at all times when being led and must be under the control of a person 17 years of age or older. They must be supervised at all times and securely fastened when tied to the outside of a truck or float. They are not eligible to compete in ridden classes unless their eligibility is specifically stated in the schedule.
  • Ponies with Adult Riders: Ponies may be ridden by adults unless otherwise stated in the schedule.
  • Lateness to the Ring: Competitors must be ready when called. Once judging has commenced, a competing horse shall not be led, ridden or driven into or out of the judging ring without the permission of the judge and/or the Ringmaster or Chief Steward.
  • Leaving The Ring: If a led horse should drag or escape from its handler or a ridden or driven horse takes control of or unseats its rider and leaves the ring, it is usually disqualified from the class. Horse Measuring: No official measuring will take place at the show, but, if a question about height arises, proof of height may be required. In the absence of proof, a decision will be at the absolute discretion of the Ring Master or Chief Steward.
  • Attire: Competitors must be appropriately attired for the competition in which they are competing. Helmets: All riders must wear a safety helmet compliant with the current Australian Standard.
  • Footwear: All competitors must wear appropriate footwear when leading or riding a horse. When riding, the footwear must enable removal of the foot from the stirrup.
  • Cruelty: Persons who are considered by the Ringmaster or Chief Steward to be abusive or cruel to a horse will be expelled from the ground. No horse will be permitted to compete if, in the opinion of the Ringmaster or Chief Steward, it is in poor health or condition.
  • Drugs: Drug testing may be carried out at this show. Approaching Judges: No exhibitor or associate will initiate conversation with a judge on judging day, before, during or after judging except through the Ringmaster or Chief Steward.
  • Prohibited Relationship: No competitor will present for judging before a judge with whom he/she has a family relationship , has or has recently had a personal relationship or has had horse related business dealings during the past twelve months.
  • Coaching: Any person detected coaching a competitor while that competitor is being judged may be removed from the Showground. Proper Conduct: Any exhibitor or associate who behaves offensively on the Showground will be expelled from the ground, may be banned from the show in future and may be banned by other Societies.
  • Protests: A protest or complaint against any exhibit or exhibitor may be lodged verbally with the Ringmaster or Chief Steward no later than ten minutes after the judging of the exhibit or exhibitor. The Ringmaster or Chief Steward must be provided with the exact nature of the complaint and act, if necessary, to maintain competitive fairness. The Ringmaster or Chief Steward may choose to refer the matter to the Protests Committee, which shall comprise the President of the Society, or a Vice President and two other members of the General Committee. A protest or complaint or an appeal against the decision of the Ringmaster or Chief Steward may be lodged in writing with the Secretary no later than 10 pm on the day of judging. Such protest, complaint or appeal shall be accompanied by a deposit of $50 which shall be forfeited if the protest, complaint or appeal proves to be frivolous or vexatious. A matter lodged this way shall be dealt with by the Protests Committee within 24 hours of lodgement and the decision of the Protest Committee shall be final. NB: No protest or complaint will be considered if it refers simply to a judge’s decision.
  • Veterinarian: The Moss Vale & District A H & I Society Inc. will take all care in managing the event but will not be responsible for any injuries to livestock whilst on its ground. A veterinarian will be available on call.

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