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Beef Cattle

Chief Steward: Mrs Margaret Hughes Phone/fax: 02 48 713 154 (Showground) 02 48 681 869

How to enter:

  • All entries are to be on the entry form and posted to Margaret Hughes at the address on the entry form
  • Beef Cattle will be judged Saturday 6th March 2016
  • All cattle to be on Showground by 8.00am
  • Age of cattle is as at 1st April 2016
  • Entries close on Monday 29th February, 2016

Entry Fee:

Members: $5.50 per entry per class (Please have Membership receipt or Membership number)
Non Members: $11.00 per entry per class

Please note – All Cattle to have pesti virus test negative paperwork to be included with entry forms


Special Regulations

  1. All Cattle must be paraded on the day of the Show as the Committee may require, otherwise they will forfeit any claim they have to a prize
  2. Duplicate or photostat copy of registration certificates of Pure Bred Stud Cattle MUST accompany entries which will be retained and returned on judging day
  3. All exhibits under 18 months will be mouthed prior to judging in accordance with RAS regulations Cattle not complying, will be upgraded accordingly
  4. All Bulls 8 – 12 months must have a nose grip or ring attached All Bulls over 12 months must have a ring attached to their nose This rule will be strictly enforced
  5. All females over 8 months must be paraded with nose grips at all times This rule will be strictly enforced
  6. All Poll and Dehorned Cattle must be stalled with neck straps
  7. All cattle will be stalled on straw bedding, all straw bedding to be supplied by exhibitor strictly straw only – no grass hay permitted
  8. A calf of the exhibit may be admitted if it is under the age of eight months on the first day of the Show and is being suckled by the exhibit RAS Regulation No 6
  9. White coats or approved Breed Society attire to be worn

NOTE: All classes will be grouped at the discretion of the Chief Steward according to numbers of entries Any exhibit being from any area not declared provisionally free of TB and CAB will be required to forward a Certificate from the Veterinary Surgeon who performed the tests Any breed not exhibiting more than ten (10) head or with two (2) or more exhibitors will be grouped in the ‘Any Other Breed’

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